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Carpet Cleaning

A home is only as clean as its carpet

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpets and rugs are the dirtiest furnishings in your home. It collects dust and dirt and may pose health risks for you and your family if not properly cleaned.

Getting your carpets dry cleaned regularly is the best way to keep them clean and fresh always.

Step 1: Extraction – The carpet will first go through extraction process with the use of industrial vacuum with high suction power to remove most large particles, dirt, hair that are trapped within.

Step 2: Stain treatment – Stain treatment solvent will be applied onto the affected areas for easier removal (if any).

Step 3: Cleaning – Dry clean process will take place with the use of carpet dry cleaning solvent. This will help with sanitising and freshen up the carpet.

Step 4: UV treatment – Cleaned carpets will be left to dry and finally UV will be shone onto the surface for further sanitising.

Carpet On-Site Steam Cleaning

If you need the carpet cleaning done urgently the best option is to have them steam cleaned on site.

Below are the steps that we do to ensure that your carpets are properly deep cleaned and disinfected leaving them smelling fresh.

Step 1


Step 2

Stain Treatment

Step 3


Step 4

Steam Cleaning


Great experience with Duo Nini. Had my curtains cleaned with them due to reallocation. Their service is great and they are super responsive.

Ana Santos

It was my maiden experience and pleased with their service. My curtains were fabulously cleaned despite having some stubborn stains that weren't removed. The person who coordinated with me was Wendy, a very friendly and nice lady. Their delivery person arrived my place on time, knowing that my baby was sleeping, he installed the curtains very quietly and gently. I tipped him as a token of appreciation towards his consideration and professionalism.

Nagulan Nathan

A very proper service provider in this area. Its prices are very acceptable and fair. They completed the curtain and carpet cleaning service without any hassle for me. Not to mention, the staffs are very helpful and friendly. Will continue using their service and observe. In overall, a good work doneπŸ‘πŸ»

Angela Tay

This is the 2nd experience with this cleaning company and its very very well done. The whole house looks brand new! The cleaners are very very helpful led by Daniel who chipped in to help to ensure tip top quality work delivered.
Rates are very reasonable for a 101% job well done! Will definitely support them again. Heard they have a laundry wing as well! Best services!

Angelynn Yap

Duo Nini performed professional cleaning and cleaning of the curtains at my place, prior to the handover to the landlord. I was very happy with the outcome: thorough job and very professional people.

Sabrina Champion

The team did a very professional and fast job dry cleaning the curtain, deep cleaning my entire flat as well as painting the flat at short notice. Absolutely satisfied with them and would without hesitation recommend Duo Nini to all my friends in SG.

Simon JDS