What is Dry Cleaning

What is Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is a cleaning process using a chemical solvent other than water. The solvent used is typically tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene), “perc” in short. Perc is used to clean delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the rough and tumble of a washing machine and clothes dryer; it can also obviate labour-intensive hand washing. Perc is chosen as the ideal solvent because of its excellent cleaning properties, stability, non-flammable and gentle to most fabric. Perc is effective in removing oil & dirt that dissolve well in oil-based solvents. Perc is gentle on fabric and reduces damage to fabric and discolouration in the cleaning cycle. It is however not as effective as water in removing stains and smell. Hence dry cleaning is more suitable for outer garments like suits, jackets and overcoats that are less exposed to body sweat and odour.

Some stains can be hard to remove

 Laundry Care Label

Not all stains can be removed by dry cleaning. Some need to be treated with spotting solvents, sometimes by steam jet or by soaking in special stain-remover liquids before garments are washed or dry cleaned. Some materials are not suitable for dry cleaning solvents. We adhere strictly to the care label of your garment. In the event we do not have the process as indicated in the care label, we will not proceed with the dry clean. Wet washing may be the only solution for such cases.

Important Note Regarding Curtain Dry Cleaning

If the manufacturer's instructions recommend that the curtains be dry cleaned, then it is best that the directions are followed. Generally, such a curtain cleaning facility is available with those who provide curtain cleaning services and is performed off-site. It is important to choose a reputable dry cleaner who knows how to dry clean curtains in the right manner. It is always recommended that curtains with linings be taken to the dry cleaners. Curtains always shrink after a dry-cleaning session. This is because dry cleaning is not a dry process. As mentioned earlier it uses a liquid solvent that removes oily stains. Some natural fibers do not shrink when a solvent is used but other fabrics may experience shrinking. A specialist dry cleaner will have the necessary pressing equipment to stretch them back to normal length after the cleaning process. In case the draperies are too faded or too dirty, curtain cleaning may not be effective and it is a good idea to replace them.

Our Dry Cleaning Machines

At Duo Nini we use the ITALCLEAN dry cleaning machines from Italy. It incorporates the latest technology for commercial use that does not harm delicate fabrics yet easy to maintain. This allows us to provide fast dry cleaning services with full in-house quality control. ITALCLEAN Dry Cleaning Machine