Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Tired of doing dirty laundry day in and day out? We provide fast and fuss-free laundry and dry cleaning - from garments and delicate dresses to mascots, bed sheets, curtains, carpets, sofa covers and more. Sit in the comfort of your home while we collect, clean and deliver to your doorstep. Collection and delivery is free for orders above $50.

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Our 5-Step Washing Process

  1. Inspection to ensure no defects, heavy stains or foreign objects on the laundry (like coins, notes, tissues, etc).
  2. Check label instructions to ensure special washing instructions are followed. Protect delicate parts such as the buttons or delicate embroideries. Coloured clothing are then separated from white cloth to avoid staining from colour bleeding.
  3. Washing with dedicated laundry equipment using special detergents that will not damage your fabric or cause harm to the environment. The washing process removes stains and kills micro-organisms that may be present on the fabric.
  4. Pressing/ironing done by trained and experienced crew.
  5. Packing with clothes hangers or folded in poly bags.

Dry Cleaning

Some fabrics require dry cleaning. It is a process using chemical solvents to clean clothing and garments made of materials that are sensitive to being fully submerged in water. Contrary to what most people think, dry cleaning is not actually dry. It involves immersing the garments in a special dry cleaning machine containing liquid chemical solvents specially formulated to efficiently remove stains and grease. The dry cleaning machine mixes garment and solvents thoroughly by tumbling them in a digitally controlled process. This process is gentle and does harm delicate fabrics. Used solvents in the form of vapours are then collected, liquefied, filtered for impurities and reused. The closed loop system prevents wastage and is less harmful to the environment. No water is used in the process.

What Materials Should Be Dry Cleaned

  • Cashmere and wool - these will likely shrink and lose shape when fully immersed in water
  • Silk - silk is an extremely delicate material that must not be washed in a washing machine. It can be hand washed and drip dried, but if stained dry cleaning is advised
  • Jackets and Suits - these are likely to lose shape and subjected to higher wear and tear if wet washed.
  • Expensive fabrics that are delicate or have complicated designs that could be damaged in the high speed spinning of a washing machine

If you have any doubts always refer to the tag on the garment or call us for professional advice.

What Materials Should NOT be Dry Cleaned

While dry cleaning is designed to clean delicate materials, a few fabric types cannot withstand the chemical cleaning agents used in the process. These include fabrics containing or made of plastic, PVC, or polyurethane. Fabrics made from these materials react adversely and deteriorate when mixed with the chemical solvents. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon, lycra, spandex, and acrylic also SHOULD NOT be dry cleaned. These won’t shrink, so wash in warm water and air dry. If unsure always seek professional advice.


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Curtain & Carpet Cleaning Services

We understand most of you are busy homemakers or working professionals, or simply too busy to handle these chores. We offer fast turnaround for these services without you lifting a finger. Click on the links below to learn more:

Contract Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service

Do you have laundry that needs to be collected for cleaning on a regular basis? We provide contract laundry and dry cleaning services for businesses as well as individuals. By using a contract service you will save on costs and  hassle.

Our Service Commitment

Garments are dry cleaned using industrial grade ITALCLEAN Dry Cleaning Machines from Italy.

Italclean dry cleaning machine from Italy

All items are inspected before and after dry cleaning. Loose and/or missing buttons are sewn back; minor tears and loose threads re-stitched. Additional care such as ironing and pressing are provided to keep your garments in tip-top condition and shape. You can be assured that we will take the utmost care when dry cleaning your precious garments.

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