Order & Book Curtain Cleaning

Here are the types of curtain cleaning services that we provide:

  1. Day Curtains Laundry
  2. Night Curtains Dry Cleaning
  3. Blackout Curtains Dry Cleaning
  4. Romain Blinds Dry Cleaning
  5. On-site Curtain Steam Cleaning

We offer 3-day turnaround curtain cleaning service - one of the fastest turnaround for curtain cleaning in Singapore.

Curtains are bulky, heavy and difficult to remove, hence we provide removal and installation service, even for high ceilings. Minimum order is $100. Collection and delivery is FREE

Please visit our Curtain Cleaning page for more information and explanation of the Types of Curtains.

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Curtain Cleaning Price List

Other than day curtains, cleaning of curtains are charged according to weight. Refer to price list table and explanation of different types of curtains below.

~ Prices Include Removal & Installation ~

💪 Prefer to DIY? 💪

· SAVE 10% for self removal & installation
· SAVE 20% for self drop off & pick up

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