Terms & Conditions


Duo Nini Pte Ltd will exercise utmost care and precaution in processing each article using the method that is best suited to its nature and conditions of the fabric. In the absence of your specific instructions, we will adhere to the recommended cleaning procedure as stated in the Care Label at all times. In the absence of specific cleaning instructions and where the care label is missing, removed, or worn out such that the instructions cannot be clearly ascertained, item(s) will be cleaned by way of dry cleaning.


  • Synthetic leather item(s) and suits are prone to bubbling (delamination), in particular their interlinings*. *Please refer to this article about the 2 types of interlining - fused and sewn.
  • The nature of blackout curtain lining is prone to colour distortion, sticking and tearing after cleaning, mainly in areas exposed to sunlight, frequent movement, and friction. Washing / dry cleaning of blackout curtains with lining is done at the sole risk of the customer.
  • Curtains and cushion covers may have a chance of shrinkage after cleaning. We are unable to determine if this will happen or the extent of shrinkage should it happen. This is a natural reaction as certain fabrics are not pre-shrunk during the manufacturing process and we will not be liable for such situations as it is not within our control.
  • Fabric with silk contents has limited life span. Fabric will be prone to tearing towards the end of its lifespan and it is much decided by the usage of the customer.

Duo Nini Pte Ltd will not be held responsible for any defects in material, discolouration, colour loss, shrinkage, exposure, due to its weak nature and conditions of the fabric that are not visibly apparent prior to acceptable processing procedure. This applies to all item(s) sent for load wash, laundry, dry-cleaning or ironing and this is especially so for CURTAINS, CUSHION COVERS and SUITS.


Duo Nini Pte Ltd do not guarantee that all stains which have not been highlighted to us will be discovered. Should there be stains (including those highlighted to us) that are not removed completely, customer will still pay the full cleaning charges for the relevant item(s).

Any request or attempts to remove stains will be done at the sole risk of the customer. Such risks apply to shrinkage, torn, colour run, and all related damages. COMPLETE REMOVAL OF STAINS IS NOT GUARANTEED.

Please see examples here of stains that are difficult and sometimes impossible to remove.


It is the customer’s responsibility to count the number of item(s) before handing them over to Duo Nini Pte Ltd for cleaning. Customers must indicate the number of item(s) while depositing with us; otherwise, our count will be deemed correct and final. We will not entertain any further claims whatsoever should there be any discrepancies.

Before the item(s) are handed to us, detachable accessories and/or ornamental components should be removed. Duo Nini Pte Ltd is entitled to exercise our discretion in removing such detachable accessories and/or ornamental parts (including buttons and drawstrings). We do not guarantee that all detachable accessories and/or ornamental components will be discovered. Duo Nini Pte Ltd will not be held responsible for the loss or damage to ornaments, special buttons, trimmings, sequins, buckles, beads, belts, shoulder pads, elastic bands, or other things that come with the deposited item(s).

All item(s) deposited with Duo Nini Pte Ltd for load/bulk washing requests will be processed as one single load based on weight, with no individual attention given, and neither number of pieces will be accounted for. Duo Nini Pte Ltd will not be responsible for any loss, damage or colour distortion resulting from this request.

Customers must inspect all articles, and if there is any dissatisfaction, it must be made known at the point of delivery or collection; otherwise, no subsequent complaints shall be entertained.


All home collection and delivery slot will be assigned by the liaison team of Duo Nini Pte Ltd in a first-come-first-serve fashion. These time slots have a window of 2 Hours in consideration of unforeseen traffic conditions.

Should there be a need to cancel or reschedule the allocated time slot, customer need to notify us through WhatsApp at +65 8182 5238 at least 24 hours before the agreed time. In the event that we do not receive a notice in relation to a cancellation or rescheduling, or in the event that customer do not show up at the agreed venue or unreachable during the allocated time slot, an additional no-show fee of S$50 will be incurred. Such fee shall be paid by customer immediately without further demand.


All fees and charges for our service shall be as set out in the price list or official quotation. Duo Nini Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend the price list from time to time, which shall apply to any orders made by customers and accepted by us after such amendments.

Upon depositing item(s) with Duo Nini Pte Ltd, customer is deemed to accept and agree to pay the total amount in the invoice.


All claims must be made within twenty-four (24) hours after notification or receipt of the item(s) and must be accompanied by the original official receipt and tags attached. In the event that Duo Nini Pte Ltd do not receive any written notice within the time stipulated herein, it shall be deemed that the customer accepted the item(s) as collected and/or delivered in satisfactory and acceptable condition. No further claim and/or whatsoever in respect of such item(s) and/or services provided will be entertained.

In the event of an unforeseen circumstances such as damages due to inferior materials, fire, or loss, however caused to the deposited articles for which we may accept liability without prejudice, such liability SHALL NOT EXCEED S$180.00 OR TEN (10) TIMES the rate charge for cleaning the particular item(s) whichever is lower, it will be in the form of our company’s voucher.  ***This term applies to all items, including luxury, branded, and designer goods.

Duo Nini Pte Ltd reserves the right to determine the amount of compensation. Such compensation shall be limited to the fair value of the article after taking into consideration the depreciation in value due to age, fashion, and use. Unless otherwise agreed upon by Duo Nini Pte Ltd, the claimed articles whether it is partially or completely damaged must be rightfully retained by us upon full settlement of the claim.

All item(s) must be claimed within TWO (2) WEEKS from the date indicated on our invoice or cash sale, otherwise Duo Nini Pte Ltd reserves the right to dispose of all unclaimed articles after the expiry date without prior notice. Duo Nini Pte Ltd will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, stain, or mould for unclaimed item(s) after the time-frame stipulated herein.


While every effort is made to ensure that you receive the required goods in the best possible condition, please inspect all items carefully upon receipt.

Our alteration or custom-made service are carried out based on the specifications, descriptions and measurement provided by customer. Therefore, we do not accept returns or refund claim on any altered goods for any aspect of the product which has been determined by customer but without limitation of incorrect measurements, fabric choices, incorrect measurements of goods at the time of their manufacture, change of finish if we feel it more appropriate to the type of garment or fabric.

Any claim by customer which is based on any defect in the quality of the work or failure of the goods to correspond with the specification for work should be notified to us upon collection or delivery. Customers are required to pay for the transportation of any goods being returned unless the goods were either faulty or the order was sent out in error.

No refunds will be given once the altered goods have been returned to the customer and subsequently cut, treated or altered in any way.

In the unlikely event of any proven defect in the quality of the work or failure of the Goods to correspond with the specification, our liability shall be limited to a refund of the total sum paid for the alteration services as set out in our original quote to you, such liability SHALL NOT EXCEED S$180.00. We will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss of profits or other financial loss or damage arising out of defective, damaged or wrongly delivered goods, over and above the value of the work carried out.


Whether owner’s or owners’ representatives depositing articles with us for cleaning will be deemed to have the full knowledge and acceptance of our conditions of service.

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