Shoe Care Service

How To Care For Your Shoes

Caring for your expensive leather shoes is important to keep them in good shape. Here are some tips on how to care for the different types of shoes:

Smooth Calfskin Shoe Care

The finest calfskin shoes require proper care to prevent them from cracking and damages. With proper care, a pair of calfskin shoes can remain soft and supple for decades.

Pebble Grain Calfskin

Pebble grain calfskin is pressed or embossed to create a textured, grain pattern in the leather. Pebble grain leather is regarded as less formal than smooth calfskin. Regular and proper care is required to prevent dirt and dust stuck in the groves of the grain pattern.

Nappa Shoe Care

Nappa leather is like smooth calfskin but from goat. It is a delicate and soft material which demands special attention when cleaning. One way to test if leather is Nappa is to place a wet finger directly on the leather; if the leather quickly absorbs and produces a water stain, then the leather is Nappa.

Suede Shoe Care

Suede is perfect for more casual shoes and boots, is durable, does not scuff, and easily cleaned with the proper cleaning products. When cared for correctly, a fine pair of suede shoes can last years.

Nubuck Shoe Care

Nubuck is like suede but features a much finer texture. It is created by sanding the smooth side of calfskin to produce a very fine, suede-like texture. It is much more delicate than suede.

Sneakers and Canvas Shoe Care

White sneakers and canvas shoes are extremely prone to stains and unsightly scuffs. These blemishes will probably ruin your sneakers if it was left unattended for a long time. Send your beloved kicks for a regular wash / cleaning to restore its cool looks. 

Our Shoe Care Service

Let us do the dirty work. Regular cleaning is important for your shoes. Dirt and dust left unattended for a long time leave patches of unsightly scuffs on your shoe's surface causing irreversible damage. Bring your shoes to us and we will let you walk with confidence again. Our shoe care service makes your shoes shine like new again. With dedication and professional care you will get back your shoes in just 3 days! Collection and delivery is free.

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